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A gypsy wagon transformed into a beehive.

The person who transformed this truck into a beehive, is a very creative individual. I don’t know if the truck still works, I don’t know that nor do I know the owner.

It stands a little bit before Mlaka to Kranj on a meadow, so the bees have a lot of pasture and flowers, including the forests nearby, where they can collect honey. This is our beautiful Gorenjska, in our beautiful Slovenia. Beautiful view of Kamnik-Savinja alps in the background.


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Written by Vida Vicky Ficko


  1. Everyone who really knows me, will tell you the humble honeybee is my most favorite creature in the whole wide world. The tiny females are the pollen and nectar gatherers of the hive and they work their brief lives to the death, in Unquestionable loyalty to the queen.
    Only a tiny handful have the honor of dying in the hive. Her job starts in early spring, one morning before sunrise and consists of making several return journeys to and from the hive, ending each day just as the last rays disappear from sight. So she works tirelessly until, one evening, at sunset, on her home-run, she will drop from the sky, almost inaudibly splash down into a pond, her tiny little heart having finally given out. Even in death, she will offer up her lifeless body, to a hungry female brook trout, at the point of spawning, who in turn will complete the cycle of life. Pardon my indulgence, That, is how I hope her story ended. Let’s blame it on Brandy Carlisle, singing:”The Story” on my radio in the background. Regards, Andre’~Tranquilpen