Winter Hasn’t Left Us…

Up until a couple of weeks ago we were experiencing one of the mildest winters on record in New England. February vacation week temperatures reached the low 70s before returning to more seasonable weather at the end of the week, March has been slightly schizophrenic, multiple weathe rstories with warm days followed by torrential rain,and three, count “em three classic “Noreaster” storms slamming the coastline in as many weeks.

Yesterday I saw a crocus in bloom., a sure sign of spring. Today a northeast storm is dropping by various estimates 12-20 inches of snow in eastern Massachusetts. They say New England weather can change in a heartbeat- today we have a very cold change.

Snow Day!

My neighbor is taking a break from his plumbing business today. I can't blame him. Governor Baker has advised all non essential vehicles to stay off the road as snow falling from 1-3 inches per hour can be pretty hazardous.

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Back To Reality

Enough daydreaming about hot summer days and sandy beaches. This is what's going on now. Beware the Ides of March, in New England they'll be a winter wonderland.

Usually Luna likes to station herself perched on our living room windowsill. She likes to watch the world go by and view our comings and goings. Not today, it's too drafty and there's not much for a cat to be amused at outside. The neighborhood is covered in snow. A good day to curl up and take a cat nap. Going out in this weather is pure lunacy!


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Written by PaulPallazola