My Thirteen-Year Old Self

I was an ugly child! I was going for the Joan Jett look. Failing miserably, but never knew it! The eighties was an interesting time for girls, I suppose. There were many female artists who were used as role models by all young girls. Madonna, Cher, Olivia Newon John and many more. I used to think that I would grow up and become a great artist and marry someone wonderful and have their children. I had a huge crush on Jimmy Smith. He played baseball with my brother and was incredibly handsome. Golden hair and bright green eyes, he was just the ideal guy for almost every girl. When he smiled at you, it was like the sun only shined upon his lovely face.

Now, things are different. I am not blinded by looks when it comes to guys being raging alcoholics or abusive drug addicts. Education and jobs are more important to me now, and how well he treats my children is more important than anything else.


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