There comes a time when you?

Hello my fellow friends abroad, I was sitting here just wondering what I could write about? Well I know there’s not a lot of people into politics & what’s been going on around us lately but I have to say there comes a time in ones life do they really think about their VALUE’S their self worth in life?

Now with these 2 quotes in these photos what comes to your mind? Well I can say that it all comes down to the one that matters most? YOURSELF.

You Remember when Trump stepped into the white house & what he had said? I have never followed any other president since Reagan & really didn’t follow him but I have to say that what this nation has turned into to what it CAN be is what keeps me going in life, cause see I was born in the 50’s & it wasn’t so bad then.

BUT now OMG how many of you remember the 50’s into the 70’s what do you remember of them days? Cause I know I’d like to have them back but with our president trump in office BACK THEN & this today wouldn’t be going on now.

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Like Trump said we are the people that he works for, not we work for him, he’s here to see that the american people get our nation back up again like it was B-4 the wrong people tore america down like they have in the past 50 yrs & still trying.

So that’s why I named this post the way I did cause there comes a time in life when you have to learn right from wrong, good from bad, evil & peace, in people & I know some may not agree with me & that’s fine with me but I agree with Trump. We need to take a stand in life & protect what’s ours the best we can & help Trump to do what he can to make our dreams of the old times come back again for us, I don’t know how your days were back then but I know it wasn’t the way it is now.

We take the gadgets kids have today & the war games & violence away & teach them what values they SHOULD know & get more evolved with them as much as you can B-4 it’s too late, they can have a better life they can enjoy too right?

We have to admit that with all the stuff going on today isn’t GOOD for anyone & Trump is a man that is doing better than anyone else we have had, he’s WAY may not be the way you like, but he’s doing what needs to be done for all of US.

So I say that this is the time we all have to stick together & work together to make OUR nation that we live in GREAT AGAIN, & get rid of all this crime & drugs & Violence that has corrupted our great nation & get it back with all we got Amen. If your FOR Trump GREAT if your not then you need to be, but that’s you. Thank you very much for your time & thoughts I really appreciate what’s on your mind after you have watched the videos & read what I had to say on it.


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  1. In my eyes, everything has its own righteousness and falsehood. It is not about who is right and wrong but on what is right and wrong. Likewise, they can not be separated because they are two sides of the same coin. Behind that also, there is something, that is eternal change and infallible certainty.

  2. Yes, I would agree with you here. Im no American and to me, the politics is complicated. Our politics are completely different and to me, simpler.
    2 parties that are middle of the road, Labour or National and usually aligned with a few minor parties .

    The principles you share are good . New Zealand has only got up to 4 million people and most of those live in Auckland.

    We are no paradise but most people here just get on with life and carry on


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