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The Time On My Hands

Most of us need to use our time wisely. It should be in an unbalanced way. We cannot jeopardize family and work at the same time. Thus, we need to have time on our hands. If not, our life will be in misery. There will always be time for everything. Some people have all the excuses for not being with the family. In fact, these are lame alibis even without logical thinking about it. It has been an issue and some people had shared their sentiments about it.

For a convenient way to have time in our hands, that is, an informal checklist can be done on a daily basis. It might be simple and impractical for some. But it is so effective in planning ahead and balancing of life is attainable. Modern gadgets are so convenient for people to organize things up.

But then, there are some flaws of modern gadgets. What if it was being lost, all the things to be done for the whole week or month are out of search anymore. A simple notebook or a planner can do the trick.

Money is not always the reason for making life busy. It cannot buy happiness by just earning and put all it in a savings bank account. Some businessmen failed in parenting. That’s the price of being so busy and cannot have time for their family. In the end, some of these people are in regretful moments. Patching up the years of being absent in the family is difficult. It depends on how the members of the family will accept the loss of time with them. There are some situations that it is not worth to try.

Let us bear in mind that “We have time in our hands.” A simple statement can be a great impact for all of us. It is simply having the time between family and work. Life should be in balance to attain self-fulfillment. We cannot bring the time had passed. That’s the reason why we need to use time wisely.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. That is an amazing photograph. Did you take the picture? Are those your hands? It cannot be both, I think. I am doing better organizing my time now that I have fewer houseguests, but there is still not enough of it!


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