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The untimely demise of Google plus

As many of you already know, Google is going to shut down Google+ in April. I expect that the admins are already aware of this, and have a plan to replace g+ with another image-sharing social networking site. I am wondering if they’d be willing to publish the name of that successor early, so that we can all create accounts there now…

#1 google plus, we hardly knew ye…

I believe in being proactive, and I think Virily does, too. They were certainly ready for the GDPR compliance. When g+ shuts down, I am going to migrate to another image-sharing social networking site anyway but I would like it to be one that Virily supports...

    • If I know now, I can be proactive. If I have to wait to find out then my posts will not get outside hits for a while, so this is as much for Virily as it is for me…



What do you think?

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  1. Pinterest is supported now (image sharing). Google plus was an interesting experiment by google but as is their tradition if they don’t rocket to the top, they shutter the doors.

    A lot like IBM when I think about it.

  2. I haven’t really used G+ … lol and it’s already closing.
    Your suggestion is pretty good … we can only hope the admins accepts it

  3. It’s very good news for me that they plan to create another image-sharing social networking site, not simply to shut down g+, thank you so much for sharing!!! Also hope that Virily will support this new site.

    • I doubt google has any plans to replace g+ and I don’t know for certain that Virily will be replacing it with another site. The only thing I know is that g+ will be sunsetted in April