Reflection Nov 21

Part of the new morning habit that I started this month is reading the Bible (using YouVersion Bible App). If you may have noticed I have shared here a few of the images generated by the app.

I have a confession to make.

I was a Practicing Catholic. I am still a Catholic now but I have been inactive with the practicing part except for the morning and night prayers that I always do.

When I started,  or to be more precise, restarted, my daily reflections along with my list of things to be grateful, I am actually in the process of rediscovering my faith. I had been inactive from the church for quite a long time now. I believe it’s time for me to be active again. Perhaps not with a religious mind set but a more spiritual one.

In today’s word, I suppose the first step to bring honor and praise to God’s name is by declaring that I am a Christian, then praise and honor him not just by words but by doing good deeds in his name.

Have a blessed day my friends.


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