Playing Him Like a Piano – part 16

Lucy-Ann,  Kat’s mother, lit a cigarette and shrugged;

“Being a Mas Pishon is better than ‘Me Big Friend‘,  ‘GirlieGirlie’, or ‘Mr. High and Mighty‘.”  Lucy-Ann gave, then  enlarging;

“If  he the type of man to smile and smile and friendy-friendy then  there’ll be a long line of ladies.  If he’s a Girlie Girlie type   he’ll have no intention of more than an occasional visit to you bed.  If being a whole Assistant Manager gone to his head, he only  sees women driving Benz.  So him being a Mas Pishon is the best.  Just be stupid and virgin and he’ll come around.”

“He  can take his time…” Kat said.

“Not  as long as it costs a hundred dollars a month,”  Lucy-Ann said.

“Ma,   I start working next week so shouldn’t have to ask you for the rent… “

“You  shouldn’t have to pay rent…”

“Think  of it as an investment…”  Kat said.

“I’m going to check out the ownership.  It could be a rental there could be a huge mortgage….”

“I didn’t think of that…” Kat exclaimed.

“That’s why I’m the Mama.”  Lucy-Ann replied.


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Written by jaylar

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