Playing Him like a Piano – part 19

Kat wanted to  call Dami, her beloved.  He was supposed to leave for his wedding on the 5th unless his owner had changed the date.

Jerry had left the house just before nine. She knew his working day was ten to six.  Appreciating he’d gone to work leaving her here without a key, unable to leave, unless she left the door unlocked, she marveled at his lack of common sense.

Aware his lunch break was one to two, assuming he’d eat then get the key cut, she calculated she wouldn’t see him until nearly two.

Noticing there were no bars on the back windows, opened one, went out, found herself in a decent yard.

She walked through it, came out, caught a bus, went to the mall, made her phone calls.

Two girlfriends met her  and they went to the food court and she ate portions of what they ordered and discussed her situation.

She went to the supermarket, bought a few snacks, took the bus home.

She was just climbing in the window when she heard Jerry banging into the house.

She glanced at the time;  1:51 pm.

She always had excellent timing.


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Written by jaylar

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