Playing Him Like a Piano – part 17

Lucy-Ann did her checks, verified that the house was in the name of Jeremiah’s grandmother  alone and there was no mortgage.

Kat moved in on the 1st of July, paid her rent in nine ten dollar bills, pocketing the extra ten.

Stealing from her mother wasn’t really stealing, for she did it all the time, always had.  Always added a dollar or more to every demand….

We have to pay for the Class Party, every child has to bring $6.00.”  She would say when the cost was $5.00

She assumed her mother knew it.  Kat knew if she begged another month’s rent, her mother would claim to only have eighty dollars.

Kat didn’t feel that she’d tricked her mother, nor did Lucy-Ann think the rent was $100.

This bit of shuffle between them was standard.

Kat had reached Jeremiah’s house at 8:30.  He led her to park her things then showed her the kitchen and living room.

He made it clear that the television was not to be turned on, nor the air conditioner without his permission due to the electricity bill, adding;

“If the Bill stays the same I won’t charge you extra for light…”

Kat’s training was all that prevented her mouth from pulling into a sneer and her words flying out in acid.  She looked at him innocently and subserviently, nodded.


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