Playing Him Like a Piano – part 7

Not having the money, but owning the dreams, Kathrine and Damian spent their lives using people.

Damian had targeted Simone.   She was merely one in a long list of females he had played since he was sixteen years old.   As his usual dupe, she  had money, clear from the car she drove to the jewelry she wore. Further, she was unattractive, (to be polite).

Ugly females develop a sneering contemptuous attitude towards others,  sort of attacking before being attacked.   Damian knew her type and how to play her.

Damian was the kind of guy Yardies called ‘Face Man’  because he was that handsome.  He would always find a  neutral reason to speak to a gal like  Simone.  He would speak in a sweet voice, act shy, give the target his beautiful smile and savour the awe in her face.

He played the grateful peasant to Simone’s lady of the castle.  Simone  was in love with him, wanted to marry him from their first date.

He  had played it slow because he didn’t want a new shirt, he wanted a  degree from Medical School.   He needed to be ‘adopted’ by someone  who would pay his way.

Simone,  with no experience of Jamaicans, couldn’t read him, so believed he  was dazzled by her, impressed by her money, and overwhelmed by her  love.


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Written by jaylar

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