Playing Him Like a Piano – part 22

Kat woke her first day as the tenant of Jeremiah.   She lay in  bed a time, then hungry, went into the kitchen. She drank some of his juice and ate some of his cereal with some of his milk, then went back to her room.

She heard him in the kitchen at about eight.   She came out, dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and smiling, wished him good morning.

“Morning…”  he said gruffly, shoveling cereal into his mouth.   She asked if she could make herself tea, and he nodded.

She didn’t try to make small talk.  She had a ‘legend’ of being very quiet.  Women who don’t talk are read, by Jamaican men, as submissive.  It was very important that Jerry consider her that way.

She took her tea and went to her room.  She stayed there until he left.

When he was gone she went into the kitchen did a quick wash up then left the house.  She called  Dami from the first public phone. They met at a friend’s house and made love.

After,  they went out to eat in a nice restaurant and she told him all about Jerry.

“A true….” Dami said, “him never dere with a woman.  Cause any man have you in his house is going for the seduction.  He don’t know how to act.  You stay the sweet and silent homemaker, and he’ll crumple.”

She smiled, for he, like her, could read people like Jerry.   The colder Jerry was, the more deeply he would fall in love with her.

If played just right, Jeremiah would jump without a parachute.


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Written by jaylar

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