Understanding Shills – 1

I am sure there are people who are totally unaware that they are Shills. They  don’t appreciate they are being used by unscrupulous Site Owner to rope in suckers.

They don’t know that the Owner planned to rip off the writer, how to rip them off, on and on.

These people often become the most dangerous Shills, responsible for causing hundreds, maybe thousands of writers to be ripped off.

Then are those who know exactly what they are there for. They get paid to bring in warm bodies, paid to attack anyone who dares criticise the site.

They know the plan, they know what they are doing, and do it without qualm.

In between are those who don’t know,who take what they are told, who push the lies and help the rip off,and then, belatedly, appreciate what they have done.

This series is not merely to alert the innocent writer to beware of  Shills, but for those who tout sites they do not own to appreciate that they might be an intricate part of the scam.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar