Playing Him Like a Piano – part 20

Kat,  hearing Jerry enter the house,  quietly shut the window, untucked her blouse, kicked off her shoes, striving to appear as if she’d been home, alone, in this room all this time.

When he knocked on her door, she came to it and he said;

“I got to go back to work, here’s your keys…”

She took them with a smile as if they were diamonds, and looked into his face.  He didn’t smile, he just looked at her, then went back the way he’d come.

When he’d gone, she took off her good clothes, put on an old dress, went into the kitchen.  She searched the food there, saw what she could take that wouldn’t be missed.

She whipped up a quick meal, then  unplugged the fridge, the toaster, the blender, everything she saw, then into the living room, where she plopped on the couch and turned on the television.

She watched until six, shut the T.V., into the kitchen and began to clean the refrigerator. She needed him to catch her cleaning.


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Written by jaylar

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