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Personality Traits Characteristics: To Live a Big, Bold, and Unique Life

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Many people live a big, bold, and unique life.

  • They love to stand out and always be noticed. They just want attention and these are the ones who also demand it.
  • They are often easily excited.
  • They want often to learn something new daily.
  • They like to be in motion doing always something or something new.
  • They say that keeping busy make them always feel good.
  • They always want to decide what to do in their life.
  • They always believe in themselves.
  • They always think that their mistakes make them stronger.

What about you? Do you know any people who live a big, bold, and unique life? I know a few of them, but I am not close to them .

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  1. I prefer small circle of friends. I like learning new things that interest me and I try to do ones that are out of my comfort zone. I know what I want. But I would not say I am living a big, bold, unique life. Rather I am just living my life the way I want it.

  2. Interesting reading .. how I read this blog I somehow also found myself among them .. I have lived a very turbulent life and I have quite a few friends that we lived so much … but now I just calm down and live a fairly calm

  3. for example, I like to go out every day almost every day. I find new people, new dating. I learn something new – stories from retired fishermen. Of retirees for their health problems. From young love stories. From the crap for their lives before and now. I’m a contact person and I’m not bored.

  4. These people are the complete opposite of me and I don’t enjoy their company. Most are braggers and insist on reporting their company’s position (senior manager, executive), salary, net worth, investment knowledge or how much they paid for their house.

  5. I call these drama, fake people, sadly. Maybe I am judging but I truly know people of whom you speak of and I would never be this way or would I be friends. On the other hand, you mentioned people staying busy. That is another type of person completely. That is actually a compliment. So I think you are describing different types of people.