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Which of the Following Seven Deadly Sins Do You Have?

Here’s another newest personality quiz I have made, and this one is all about cardinal sins or the seven deadly sins as we all know — gluttony, greed, envy, pride, sloth, wrath and lust.

I have made here a personality quiz which is from a Youtube channel Alpha Tests, and made some additional tweaks and revision on result tabulation.

So if you are ready for this guys, take this quiz now and have fun by answering the following ten questions.

Just make sure that you won’t take personally your result, since this is just a fun game.

So good luck and please show your result to your friends to share the fun.

Enjoy and have a blast this Christmas.

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  • Who would you like to date?

    • Someone exactly like me
    • A billionaire
    • Someone sexy and passionate
    • My bestfriend
    • Someone I love or have a crush on
    • Someone who can give me lots of food
    • I don’t care. I’m busy.
  • Which of the following is your favorite part of the house?

    • Kitchen
    • Bedroom
    • Garage or basement
    • Living room or backyard
    • Somewhere else
    • In my beautiful garden
    • In my secret area where no one can see me shout
  • In 15 years, where do you see yourself?

    • Married with kids
    • CEO of a multinational company
    • Travelling the world
    • Single, lonely and sad
    • Famous celebrity
    • Owns a bank
    • Competes for sports
  • What do you do for fun?

    • Meet up with friends
    • Go out to eat
    • Stay home and watch movies
    • Go out shopping
    • Hang out with my partner
    • Collecting bills and coins
    • Shout and scream
  • Choose one animal from the following

    • tiger or bear
    • lion or peacock
    • frog or pig
    • snake or lizard
    • elephant or cat
    • giraffe or eagle
    • vulture or dog
  • What is your favorite color among on the list below?

    • red / pink
    • yellow / orange
    • green / brown
    • purple / blue/ violet
    • white / black / others
    • gold / silver / bronze
    • rainbow
  • What are you most likely to do in your free time?

    • gossiping
    • napping
    • flirting
    • cooking
    • working
    • sharing my achievements
    • yelling
  • What is your favorite drink?

    • tea or coffee
    • lemonade or juice
    • water
    • alcohol or wine
    • soft drink
    • yoghurt or shakes
    • tequila or vodka
  • What is your best trait?

    • My strength
    • My intelligence
    • My beauty
    • My kindness
    • My loyalty
    • My workaholic attitude
    • My skills for cooking
  • Which characteristic do you like?

    • courage
    • beauty
    • intelligence
    • strength
    • none. I’m perfect
    • business-minded
    • voracity

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  1. Your deadly sin is sloth or laziness.

    You are a dreamer. You have big plans and goals, but you are way too lazy to do anything about them. You have lot of potential, but you tend to do as little work as possible.

    I don’t agree with my results and what it says. I’m not lazy so that’s why I’m disagreeing with the result!

  2. Your deadly sin is envy.

    You are ambitious and have big dreams for the future. In your pursuit to achieve excellence, you can sometimes become quite jealous of others, whether it’s for their achievements or something deeper.
    I do not agree with this result. I know myself better.

  3. You got sloth.You are a dreamer. You have big plans and goals, but you are way too lazy to do anything about them. You have lot of potential, but you tend to do as little work as possible.

    I don’t consider myself lazy. 🙂 Oh well it was fun.

  4. Your deadly sin is wrath.

    You are deeply passionate and strongly opinionated, but your anger can manifest itself in impatience, revenge and self-destructive behaviour, which can be very dangerous.

    Hmm… please don’t provoke me … LOL

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