What We the People Care About (A Fact or Opinion)

For the record. I’m not Trump basher. I’m like this. Once the election is over, whoever got elected is the President! Deal with it! The business of building our nation must continue.

I’ve survived every US President since Eisenhower. For the record, that was before the Civil Rights Act was passed but long after the Emancipation Proclamation had been signed.

This is America. America is beautiful. America is already great. American can be a light to the world.  Citizens just need to stay focused on what’s good for all the people, keep our place on the world stage and serve as a force for good, and stay UNITED.


Donald Trump our current POTUS supposedly had an affair with porn star. Oooohh!!  Aaaahhh!!

My opinion or fact or both. You be the judge.

I SAY We the People don’t really care who the POTUS sleeps with. That’s his wife’s concern.  What We the People care about is … if it’s true and “that” can be covered up … what else can be covered up?  Keep secrets from your spouse? That’s your business.  Keep secrets from US?  That could be a huge problem.

That’s why this story can’t be swept under the rug or ignored.


P.S. To my fellow Americans.  HappyPresidents Day!


What do you think?

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  1. Who Trump slept with is a distraction to his disasterous policies. I think Trump is the most evil person to occupy the oval office in decades, but I am more concerned about the impact of his social and environmental policies than his private life. He is taking this country backwards and following the same failed economic policied thst led to the great depression of 1929, the stock market crash of 1987, and the 2008 recession. He has a lust for power and a juvenile concept of the world that puts us closer than ever to the brink of nuclear war. Who he sleeps with is the least of my concerns.

  2. I never support marital infidelity, but from the history I’ve read, quite a few modern-day presidents were guilty. The press just didn’t talk that much about it. I’m guessing Nixon and Carter remained faithful, but Eisenhower and Kennedy weren’t. Back in the day, the press wasn’t trying to compete with the tabloids. They let presidents have a bit of privacy, although not much.

    I don’t know what Trump did before he was President. I’m probably the only American alive that had never heard of him until he decided to become a candidate. I didn’t watch or care about reality TV or beauty pageants. I’m not sure that we can believe everything the press tells us about what anyone they want to topple has done.

    • I think indeed you must be the only American who holds the honor of not knowing who Trump was PRE-2016 Presidential Election. (O.o) How do you manage that? LOL. I made some additional comments below to Rex Trulove if you’re interested.

  3. I really don’t care what he did before Trump became president. That might have been an important point long before he ran, but he is the president and what he does now is what matters. It is also driving the mainstream media crazy because his approval rating continues to grow, even among Democrats.

    I credit the mainstream media for trying to make it an issue. They tried that with the Russia thing and it turns out that there was far more collusion with Hilary and the Russians than with Trump and the Russians. So that failed and the MSM is looking for anything else they can use.

    Here is the thing, though: Nothing the MSM is coming up with is an impeachable offense. It wasn’t even illegal for Bill Clinton to sleep around when he was president. Even if Trump had an affair in the past 13 months, it wouldn’t be against the law. Collusion with the Russians during an election cycle is also not against the law. (What Hilary did with the Russians IS against the law, but that was before she ran for president.)

  4. Trump may or may not have had an affair before he because President. It is a FACT that Clinton was performing sex acts with a woman not his wife IN the oval office WHILE he was President. Now you tell me which is worse.

    • Clinton also didn’t get in trouble for it until he lied about it while under oath. It was the lying that got him impeached rather than the affairs (plural). He apparently had been having affairs quite a while before he became president, too, but the point is that he lied under oath. (Everyone should remember…”I did not have sex with that woman”. He later admitted that he did indeed have sex with her.)

      • AGREE. RE: Clinton ~ Lying under the oath was the BIG DEAL! Because his private act of infidelity had been made public to the American people and HE LIED TO US! To borrow a quote from comedian Chris Rock: “You know you did it. JUST ADMIT IT!”

        RE: Clinton and Trump:
        But I still maintain that what is between a husband and a wife is for them to resolve with each other. However, IF the matter is brought into the open and you are called into account because when you were supposed to be serving the people, you were not fulfilling your presidential duties; then you need to resolve the matter with US! We’re not your wife. We may or may not forgive you. But that’s our call.

        So as for Trump, his extra-marital affairs are not the problem. The affairs are certainly not OUR problem! That’s between him and his wife. The scary part is that he had the capability of covering it up. WHEN he allegedly covered up his act of infidelity, he wasn’t just trying to hide it from his wife.

        Hey! In reality, he didn’t really have to pay the woman to keep the secret from his wife.

        He could have just gone home to his wife and told her what happened. It’s not likely she would have asked for a divorce BEFORE or AFTER the election. Let’s be real. He’s her sugar daddy! Daddy Big Bucks! And she already has a kid for him. It’s not in her best interests to cut him loose! (It’s just an outsider’s observation.)

        He wasn’t trying to hide the affair from his wife. THAT’S THE POINT! He was trying to hide it from US!!

        BUT WHY? The fact is the average American could really have cared less ABOUT THE AFFAIR or AFFAIRS. The man has already been married 3 times. His 2nd and 3rd marriages resulted from his infidelity and screwing around. The Americans already knew he screwed around! DUH!!

        But now it makes some of US wonder. Could he be a DECEIVER? What else can he COVER UP or HIDE FROM US? Honestly! The man creates his own question marks.

        • I don’t know that it ever happened and don’t particularly care if it did. Like you said, that is between he, his wife, and God. Even assuming that it actually did happen and isn’t another lame red herring and assuming that he actually did try to cover up (keeping in mind that there isn’t any proof of either), I could certainly understand why he might *want* to cover it up, though. Just consider how the left elite and the MSM has been looking for anything at all to attack him on.

          Even with all of this, though, he has been far more transparent than his predecessor OR the person he ran against. All presidents keep secrets. That is part of the territory. However, for eight years it was exceptionally difficult to tell what was going on, even after the fact.

          One thing I’ll admit that I do like, though. Unlike at least the three presidents before him, he has actually kept his campaign promises and he accomplished a surprising amount in the first year, despite the opposition he faced (and still faces, mostly from the ‘old boy’s club’ on the hill.)

          • Appreciate your comments. I know the reports about the porn star is just “silliness”. I know it’s all part of the “game of real politics”.

            Being a president is hard. That’s why I never run for office. LOL.

            I never pay attention to “promises” politicians make on the campaign trail. I know ALL the candidates say whatever it takes to win. I won’t doubt that they have good intentions. I choose to give them all the benefit of the doubt. The political waters in D.C. and around the world are treacherous to navigate. However, it’s not impossible to steer the way clear.

            All I ask ~ all that any citizen should ask of any POTUS is that he or she honor the Oath they took and serve US faithfully.
            ~ Don’t drag US into wars but be ready to take the necessary actions to defend US!
            ~ Keep our economy robust!
            ~ Make our health, education and welfare the real priority, because a country filled with unhealthy uneducated starving or malnourished citizens is not a great nation at all. It’s a hell hole!
            ~ KEEP US FREE!

            Every American president should do that. It’s their sworn duty. Promises or no promises. We the People KNOW our leaders keep secrets. We the People also KNOW keeping certain secrets in the best interests of national security is just part of fulfilling that sworn duty. We the People don’t mind the secrets. But We the People don’t want to be deceived. We the People can ALL spot “the difference”. That’s all I’m saying.