Investigative Journalist Destroyed & Murder For Exposing Truth

Investigative Journalist Gary Webb who was destroyed for reporting the truth. He was eventually murdered. In this video, he talks about CIA drug trafficking, which is old news by now because I have shared a video about CIA thugs selling drugs. He was eventually murdered in 2004, although the Zionist Media covered it up as a suicide, which isn’t something new. He was also called a conspiracy theorist to discredit his information as fake news or lies.

This video was posted in October 2013. He was murdered to silence him but covered up as a suicide. So, he was probably murdered in the early 2000s. This video also talks about world news during the early 2000s, which now seems vintage because of the shocking newer information popping up on a daily basis, and the newer stuff usually explains the old news that seemed strange and sometimes unbelievable at the time. He died in 2004 at 49.


What do you think?


  1. I looked up information to see if Gary Webb had anything to do with Israel. I am curious where you got your information from that Israeli media covered up his murder to claim that it was a suicide. What he was talking about had nothing to do with Israel so why did you even mention our media. Do you know anything about Israel and Jews. I noticed you also have a post on Nortrei Karta. Do you know anything about them? I am very curious. I am Jewish and live in Israel and Israel gets from outside of here and also inside here a bad rap. I would like to let you know that Israel has discovered many cures for diseases and sends people to places that have hurricanes, etc.