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Southwest Pasta Supper – With or Without Meat

This is an unusual and simple to make pasta dish with a southwestern flair.  The original recipe has no meat, but you can add...

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Muesli – a Healthy, No Cook Breakfast

Muesli is a yummy breakfast that you can make a bowl in advance to eat for several mornings. It's a quick grab breakfast with...

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Crockpot Barbecue Pork or Chicken

I saw a recipe for crockpot barbecue, and it got my mind working, because I knew I could make one better. After a few...

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Cool Ideas About Everything

I always run across cool ideas in my travels in life and on the internet, so I have taken to writing them down. Someday...

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My Recipe for the Perfect Barbecue Sauce

My homemade barbecue sauce is, in my opinion, the most perfectly flavored barbecue sauce ever. It is sweet, tangy, smooth, and spicy with a...

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