Octopus Lips 'or' Devils Lips

After Lips Filler, Botox and other Beauty Trends today we are going to tell you about a weird trend that has left all beauty trends behind. 

Yes! Today I am going to tell you about the new beauty trend, ‘Octopus Lips’ or ‘Devil Lips’ for which Russian girls are very desperate to get.

First of all I will tell you about this trend, what it is, , ‘Octopus Lips’ is a beauty trend in which the shape of a girl’s lips is changed to waving lips with fillers.

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This beauty trend is becoming very popular on social media nowadays. The founder of this trend is Russian plastic surgeon Emelian Braude , and the new beauty trend is well-known in Russia.

On the other hand, some plastic surgeons believe that this is simply not possible and can be extremely dangerous.

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Dr. Cristina told that applying fillers to the lips in such a way is not only risky but very dangerous. Because it fears the closing of the blood vessels, the body’s tissues begin to die.

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