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All mattes are different and finding the right one can take a turn for the worst. There are certain expectations held when looking for a good lipstick. What brand is really about what they say they are about? Will the product last all day and all night? Wanting coffee, but not wanting to go to second base with the mug. What can be eaten without having to reapply any lipstick? So many questions about a lipstick. Many brands claim to provide exactly what is needed. Not until purchasing do the buyer realize they just wasted money.

Surprisingly, there is are brands out there that do not smear much when eating, true even eating greasy food like pizza, and no longer will taking your cup to second base take away the good color on your lips. Not all greasy foods work with lipsticks, simply because oil helps remove makeup. So, skip the wings for the day. Though there might be a faint smear on the cup or straw it’s better than having to reapply after one sip.

As stated in the video, Do It Work? IGXO Cosmetics, the packaging is simple. The lipstick box contains the bunny logo which could mean they didn’t test their finished products on animals. According, to PETA this is a company that is certified as being cruelty-free. Leaping Bunny has stated, a company with just a bunny logo can simply mean the company test at the ingredient stage of developed as most companies tend to do or they hire contractors to do the dirty work.

Its applicator allows a smooth application with a dry time of less than an hour. This ultra-matte lipstick is filled with vitamins and free of harsh ingredients that tend to damage lips. Yes, it is a matte lipstick and matte dries on the lips. However, when drying is finished it does not look as if the lips need moisture. In other words, moisturizing the lips before applying is not necessary, but it is beneficial for lip health.

IGXO cosmetics sell their products on Facebook. Their Facebook page features the same products on the company’s website. Finding this company in stores might be challenging being they are only an online company manufacturing lipsticks and lip kits here in the United States. Lipsticks and lip kits are average between $15 to $23 before paying to ship.


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