No Peace for the Wicked

I have been having a very stressful week, one way and another, so I am writing this rant to get it out of my system! It is mainly because there have been roadworks going on in my street: they have been digging up the road, to replace the pavements. Ugh! It’s the work of the devil!. Not only the horrendous noise of the pneumatic drills outside my window every day, but due to the works, there have been parking restrictions on the road, i.e. a lot of areas are sectioned off with cones and barriers, which has made it very difficult to park my car (as my home does not come with any off-road parking). Not just that, but we have also had the gardeners round this week, to do the shared lawns and hedges, which means more noisy power tools, i.e. lawn-mowers and hedge-trimmers! I am very sensitive to noise and it gives me a real headache. Then we have also had the waste disposal and recycling lorries around, and they also make a lot of noise with their compacting equipment, and they block the road for ages. I can’t get any peace and quiet at present!

As if all that wasn’t enough, the other day one of the workmen rang my bell early in the morning when I wasn’t dressed, asking me to move my car, since it was in the way of their work. I couldn’t come out straightaway so he offered to move it for me. I gave him the keys and allowed him to, since it was only to be moved a few feet. Then, yesterday morning, I had another ring on the doorbell, and the voice came over the intercom:

“Are you the lady with the red car?”

Me (sighing): “Yes. Why do you need me to move it again?”

Man: “No, it is just that the guy who moved your car yesterday left his cigarettes in it! They must have fallen out of his pocket. He can see them through the window, in the space near the handbrake. Can he get them?”

Once again, they had called at an inconvenient time, so I asked them to wait. Then he said they were knocking off work soon, but would be back on Monday, so the workman would collect them then. Oh joy! So I will have them banging on my door for a third time! No peace for the wicked! I think I am going to put the cigarettes in a bag with a leaflet showing how bad for the health smoking is, and details of organisations to help him stop. I think I might chuck in some of my “Go Vegan!” leaflets as well, for good measure! I have to have some kind of revenge for the amount of disruption this week, he he!

(The picture is a section of my road, including my flat).


What do you think?

Written by Maggie Bailey


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