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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 6): Rest

In this age of the information and technology boom, all sorts of data bombards society each and every second.  Absorbing so much info on a daily basis can overwhelm and drain the mental energy from any person.  To prevent burnout, you must rest.  You must choose not to overwork or to over train in every facet of your life.  Take the time to rest.  Here are four quick steps that you can use in order to not be steamrolled by the hustle and bustle of life.

1. Expect results. Doing work always results in a reward.  You have done the necessary work; thus, there is no need to worry about the outcome.  When you focus on the future, then you will no longer worry about the present.  Stick this truth within your mind.  Circumstances are temporary; expectation is mandatory.  Worrying about what is going on will prevent you from resting.  Stop worrying and rest.

2. Keep moving forward.  You will not be ahead of the pack if you choose to stay in the same place. If you continue to step forward, then you will be so far ahead of the mediocre masses that opportunities to rest will begin to open up within your life.

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3. Acknowledge that you are not in control.  If you were in control, then you would have solved all of the problems in this earth.  Stop worrying about stuff that is totally out of your control.  To think that you are in control is worst kind of pride upon this earth.  If you are in so much control, then why haven’t you put an end to terrorism?  If you are in so much control, then why haven’t you put an end to famine. Once you realize that you are not in control, then you can rest in knowing that the Divine is in control.

4. Remain humble. The definition of humble is listed in  “not proud or arrogant; modest.”  Being humble just means that you choose to keep a low profile.  When you choose to be something that you are not, then you will waste time in keeping a false persona around your peers.  To increase your efficiency, work on the things that you need to work on each and every day.  Once you have completed your objective, you can then rest.

Use rest effectively so that you can remain recharged.  I now rest from writing about rest.

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Written by ahol888

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  1. …u are right, feeding our minds lots of information witjout resting can make us go insane…and it’s a fact, that’s why forgetting is a defense mechanism processed by our brains to avoid these insanity and even emotional hangovers…

  2. What first got my eye is the cat. I was told once that humility is accepting yourself as you are, not better nor less than being yourself. I think humility is being realistic about your life. This is a great post.

  3. Ahol, the humbleness is usually forgotten or misunderstood. Being humble doesn’t mean to hide or be meek. But we must allow the voices of others to speak so we can listen as you said in part one. To allow us to grow in our skills and success we do need rest, or we will falter and fail, falling down.

    Life is a series of steps where we must balance each movements action with the others around it. To ignore one piece breaks the balance sending us eventually crashing into the earth. But with proper rest, energy, food, exercise and spiritual balance we can grow and progress toward our goals with just the right amount of drive.

    But we must remember those around us, and share with them. Teaching what we’ve learned as well as learning from them. Propping them up when they require it, as we hope they’ll aid us in our time of need. No matter who we are or where we are located.

    I look for this every day in my world, how about you?