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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 16): Repair

Each and every day, you are in need of repair in some area of your life. Different areas of your life need to be reattached so that you can be complete once again. However, distractions and the mediocre masses lurk throughout the world for the sole purpose of keeping you broken. Nevertheless, you will be able to repair yourself so that you will be able to experience the fullness of life on a daily basis. Here are four quick steps that you can use so that you will be absolutely repaired.

1. Be gracious with your giving.  You must learn to give because you cannot receive until you give. It’s sort of like throwing a boomerang. You have to let it go in order for it to come back to you.  If you give help to others, then you will receive help.  If you are giving nothing, then you will not receive nothing.  Some people do not have anything because they have not contributed anything to anyone else within this world. Learn to give better so that you can put yourself upon the road of recovery.


2. Lift others up. Find people around you that also desire to be repaired as well. After you have repaired yourself, look to help out others that desire to find solutions to unfavorable circumstances within their lives. Helping others progress will allow for you to progress because you are no longer harping about the flaws within your life.  Helping others out releases you from self-condemnation and guilt.

3. Build. The other two steps will provide a sound foundation for you to build upon. You must complete the repair within your heart before you can start to see growth on the surface due to the fact that how you build on the inside becomes a direct manifestation of how you are building on the outside. People that do not choose to exercise and to work out physically have not spent the time to exercise their minds and their hearts.

4. Keep the mess out of your life. You have to deal with some sort of drama every day of your life.  Therefore, you should not be looking to add some more problems to your life. Piling unnecessary circumstances in your life will cause for you to become overwhelmed. When you become overwhelmed, then you will not be able to repair yourself.

The world is filled with chaos. Do the necessary things in order to make your life less chaotic. Repair yourself.

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