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Thoughts for peace

Peace comes not when things are easy, but when we have the reason why to overcome all trials. Think about what we live for.

In a world where we are used to getting everything at once, learning how to wait and be patient is a challenge. If we accept it, we will become much greater in both body and spirituality.

In difficult situations, we can see a real person. After this pandemic, we will be different: realizing that the ability to go, travel, love, exercise, drink coffee with our beloved friends, have lunch, have breakfast, and love is a real Gift and Grace. Until then, we probably didn’t think it was a special gift and privilege.

All this time is an opportunity to fall in love again not with the important things, but with the most important for which we always had not the time…

It is a wonderful time to get to know ourselves, to re-prioritize, to make sure that it is not our wishes or interests that win, but the ability to think about others.

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