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It is certainly possible to be happy working, and to grow and blossom in that work.

Sometimes we just do a type of work for a “season” and then move on to something else. That is much more common in the last few generations. Before that, people tended to stay in one job or on a career path at one company for their whole working career.

It is so much easier to find ways to use your creativity and talents in this time because we are so fortunate with this time of the internet. International boundaries and travel cause very few worries, because we can talk and text and video chat instantly around the world for meetings and to collaborate.

If you are not happy in your job, think about why. Are you bored? Are you working the wrong time of day for your body rhythms? Do you need more of a challenge? Do you have emotional issues with people in authority over you and need some counseling? Oh, there are so many reasons to be unhappy at work….

Sometimes it helps to take a class to try something new. Just start a hobby or a volunteer position to explore other options or to satisfy your longings in another way.

Don’t just stay unhappy, or you will develop a bad attitude that will cause many more problems in the near future.

Figure out what you need to make you happy, be responsible about earning a living and supporting yourself and your family, and find the perfect balance in work life, social life, and family. It is worth it to get to the solution before you make yourself sick and angry.

You can do it!!!

Sally K Witt

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