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A Little Photographic Journey

I may not be a Mommy, but zip am Auntie to some awesome nieces and nephews.  In fact Little Miss is coming over tomorrow to spend a night or two.  She loves to swim, play games on her phone (Yes they are monitored) and watch anything about wolves or Andi-Mack Lol!

We like to go outside and get ticked by lady bugs

And experience Butterfly kisses! She loves photography, wonder where she gets that from Lol!

I want her to always have the childhood magic, that makes anything possible

And I want her to realize For Sucess attitude is equally important as ability.

And I want her to know :

What we are is God’s Gift to Us, What we become is our Gift to God:

I want her to experience nature in a far deeper and more Meangiful way than she could through a screen.

I want her to feel fresh air, and breath it in.

May she always find a Moment to cheer someone up!

Adventure can start anywhere even only a few miles from home!

May she always be thankful for the gifts she has been given.

And never stop believe in magic, fairies and Little girls things.

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