Science and Macro Photography

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

At 6 pm, I drove to the Canon Experience Center for a photography workshop about Macro Photography. The guest speaker photographer was Science Photographer Matthew Cicanese. He talked about getting close-up shots on nature activities, especially with tiny organisms. Exploring the lifestyle of such organisms in their natural habitat is all about the intricate details. He displayed his macro photography of various nature scenes, as he explained each one. Each photograph looks artistic, similar to a fine arts digital photograph. Some even looked like abstract art. Some scenes had to do with a frog in different poses, while another photograph is of a very tiny lizard with very sharp teeth, which looked very small but deadly. It was interesting to check out the patterns, colors and designs of microcosms. He displayed some photographs of his trip to Iceland, where he photographed lichens and microcosms.

He also talked about shaping light, which might involve using a Canon 65 mm MPE micro lens as well as camera twin lights.

There was Q & A session at the end, and this workshop ended early at 8:30 pm.

For more information about Matthew Cicanese’s photography, check out his site.


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