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Life In Motion

Life is not meant to be captured sitting still, it’s meant to be captured in moment, for years I worked in Children’s Ministry, and often had my friends kids, these two boys were like nephews to me.  

I have always loved playing around with effects this one I called Brothers and used Corel for the editing effects.

This one is one of my favorites of my earlier pieces, a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

And don’t forget to stop and embrace life!

Roping and Riding is definitely part of life in Motion when you live in cowboy country.

And welding

After all that adventure it’s time to reflect! Sometimes you need to stop and Play a Song
Or batter Up for a game of baseball

And reading a book is always on the agenda

And don’t forget to let a child appreciate life behind the lens

Go out and play ball

And capture a Moment between siblings

Life isn’t always easy, sometimes it’s tantrums!

And sometimes it’s Praise and Worship Dances!

Sometime we pose for pics

And other times they just happen.

Sometimes it’s okay to make messes

And yes sometimes we learn to walk away from the negativity instead of feeding it.

And after all that we just need to stop and rest!

Hope you enjoyed the journey!

God Bless

Michelle Kidwell


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