10 simple ideas for upgrading the walls of the living room

From time to time we want to make new changes in our home. How to easily upgrade the walls of the room without having to undergo major repairs and not spending a lot of money? Some of the usual ways to decorate the walls are with paintings or photo compositions. And what else can you do to change the appearance of a wall?

Here are some simple ideas:

Hang the mirror

The mirror will not only upgrade the entire room but also increase it optically. Choose the mirror frames that fit into the overall interior.

It will also look decorative if you group a few smaller mirrors with the same frames. Nowadays, with the help of special technique, you can cut the mirrors of the desired shape, so you can trust the craftsmen and create a unique composition on the walls of your room.

Decorate the wall with plants

Green, lively wall not only looks beautiful, but also performs an important function of air purification and this lively decor also benefits health. Grow climbers that climb up the wall. Give them beautiful pots, fit the cords or ladders for climbing.

If you have enough daylight in the room, you can put a collection of potted plants on the wall. Match both their pots with each other and place them on a ladder-type shelf next to the wall.

Hang up the wall clock

Fitting the perfect wall clock for the wall of the room you will have a nice accent, and you’ll always know what time is it.

To make the wall look more original, you can group several wall clocks so you have a dynamic composition that will move continuously in sync.

Hang up the map

Hang the map on the wall of the room and mark the countries you visited or dream about. If a standard colored map is not appropriate for the overall interior of the site, choose a contoured, more stylized sketch or map snippet.

Wallpaper fragment.

You do not need to decorate the whole room with wallpaper, you can decorate only one wall or part of it, thus refreshing the whole room.  Wallpapers of expressive pattern, contrasting colors or photo tapes with a city view, panorama or people can unfailingly refresh the entire room and give it a new look.

If you find your favorite wallpapers, you can frame them by painting frames in a matching color. Such a piece on the wall can become simply a charming decoration or separate a certain functional zone.


If the technical possibilities allow, you can hang decorative wall luminaries for a new look on the wall. Hang one or group the pairs symmetrically, or combine several different ones. Look for the right style, make sure the lamps look beautiful even during the day, when the bulbs are not up.

If you cannot to hang wall luminaries, place one or several standard lamps on the floor.

Walls stickers

Their supply is really great. Everyone can choose them by own taste and home interior. When looking for them, pay attention to whether you can remove them without damaging the walls.

Notes on the wall

You can write down a famous quote, lyrics of your favorite song, words describing a family lifestyle, or the like. Make stickers with your favorite notes.

Decorative looks also the letters or symbolic words, cut out of plywood and decorated according to the interior of the room.

Hang up the bookshelf

A hand-crafted bookcase and other items shelf will refresh the wall and create additional space for favorite things. Colorful things and the backs of the books will give a playful view to one-color wall, but here is important moderation. Better exhibit less, but mutually compatible items.

Collection on the walls

Do you have dishes, masks or other souvenirs from various trips? Or maybe you have accumulated a collection of vinyl records? Think about how you can apply them to the exposition and create a unique composition on the wall.


What do you think?


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