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Helping the homeless

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Hello my fellow friends & readers, I had a thought as I was watching a video about the homeless& as I was watching the video,  I though how sad it is for them that don’t deserve this way of life. It’s really disturbing to hear & see so many lives have been put into this way of living cause of the way the government has done SO many people that are down on their luck to be tossed like bums.

Our way of thinking now days from back in the 50’s has really destroyed a lot of people in SO many ways & I have to think that it’s not the way God intended us to be towards each other it’s just so sad.We were put on this earth for a reason & from what I have seen over the yrs of my lifetime O M G people killing one another, people destroying other peoples lives, people stealing & all that stuff.

What Is God’s Purpose for Man?

What if you were to hit the biggest jackpot of the lottery & had a chance of a lifetime to help the homeless that are living day to day the best they can with what they have to live with what would you do with part of your winnings to help the homeless that don’t deserve to be where they are?

I have to say I bet it won’t be nothing close to what I’m thinking, like buying 30 acres of land & putting like them tiny house’s on each acre of it & putting water & power to it for them & have each acre fenced off as that persons OWN little place to call home as long as they wanted to because see I USE to be one of them homeless people & I know what it’s like to be in that situation, it’s not easy & hard to deal with things.

I would do whatever I could to help them get back to a better way of living the best way I could & to get back on their feet see if I could help them find a job doing something to pay for their place like 50-100$ a month for the use of the land the water the power, I think that’s fare enough.I would have to screen their back ground so I wouldn’t be putting other people at risk & so forth& they would have to keep their place in neat clean order & not destroy the place or they move.

What do you think about this idea? I think it would help a lot of people get their lives back like they want to be instead of living in harsh conditions weather wise & in tents that really don’t keep them warm & safe & it would give them a sense of responsibility to improve their lives.

Thank you for stopping by & giving your thoughts on this story I really appreciate your comments.


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  1. I think every government should create a program from which the homeless could benefit and had a place to live. Here in Latvia especially the capital Riga the problem is that a good many of they homeless are helpless bums that just live to drink another day. They need rehabilitation badly but no one will take the time or money to do it. They also make the homeless who need help badly look in a poor light because people begin to think all of the homeless are drunken bums. Here it is a major crisis.

    • lord have mercy that’s just HORRIBLE, I feel for people
      that fall on their hard luck, just like I did & it sure isn’t &
      wasn’t no fun it takes the sail right out of your heart.

      It makes us feel like we don’t matter & no one cares
      enough to do anything for them cause they’re home
      less, YES I know there ARE some that AIN’T & use
      people that ‘s not right & it hurts the rest of them.

  2. I would like to help the homeless too. Even in New Zealand there are homeless people and the gap between the rich and poor widens. I somehow think we live in an extremely selfish society where most look after no one.
    Having worked in a charity organisation, I’ve seen people who will do whatever they can to get something for nothing and steal from people, go into organised gangs of thieves to get business for themselves and live on drugs and alcohol. There are people who choose to be poor and also abuse those who try to help them.
    Not all those who are homeless choose to be like the crooks I have seen. I have seen both kinds of people. It is for those who want a better life for themselves that I would prefer to help.
    Then a band of business men need to be taken to account,
    they cut people out of jobs for their own selfish reasons, not because the people who apply can’t do the work. They want people in their circle and no one else.
    That has to stop.
    Selfishness is on both sides rich and poor.
    Each has to be accountable to their own conscience.

    My idea to help the homeless, is to work with one person or one family at a time, if I ever got the funds to help them
    Not only give them a house but to work with them to get them work, jobs they need and education to do well.
    Give a man a meal, you feed him for a day
    Teach him how to fish
    You teach him for life.


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