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Covid-19 – Right to walk

Starting today, May 02, 2020, we in Spain have the right to walk. We can leave from 06:00 to 10:00 o’clock and from 20:00 to 23:00 o’clock. During this period, we have only an hour and a distance of up to 1 kilometer from home. There are separate classes for seniors and others for children. We have something like working hours. I can walk along the promenade by the sea without any problems. It is frequent enough to maintain the required distance. I’ll also be able to take new pictures.

Last updated: May 2 at 11:00 am With data from the Ministry of Health. Dead for last 24 hours 276. I do not believe with this data they will soon lift the blockade.

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  1. Life as we knew it has been altered.
    We could interpret the current discomfort as a curse or a blessing.

    If we ask the right questions we may arrive at the right answers.
    Question 1: What is life teaching us or what are we suppose to learn?
    Question 2: Is discipline a good or a bad thing?
    Question 3: Do we consider other humans as much as we consider ourselves?
    Question 4: What if the power to cure humanity’s ‘mental sickness’ and crippled consciousness
    is not in their corrupt governments, fake religions and puppet scientist,
    But rather in humanity itself if only that ‘you man’ was not divided against itself…

  2. The country I’m in, the president said he won’t implement lockdown. He encouraged people to adhere to the recommended preventive measures.
    In my country, by 7pm everyone should be at home.

  3. we are allowed to walk, but must maintain social distance.

    my fear honestly is that the world will never be as it was. Just as so many events in history have changed the world this one has a huge impact to come.


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