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Good Bye 49… Hello 50! I await you and your Wisdom!!! xo

Today is the last day I will be 49!!!!

Bye 49 year old me… I LOVED you so!!!  I have tried to take care of my body, mind and spirit well.

Some of the years well…  they have  been a battle… but if you are lucky enough to live 50 years… you will gather… something more… lets hope more kindness, more love, more forgiveness, more awareness…

Hear this my younger friends… Most things actually get BETTER WITH AGE!!!! 

I am stronger then I have ever been… 

Physically stronger ~ I am a yogi… I walk the path… I do my work, my dharama… at least I hope I am!

Emotionally stronger ~ I can put up with more because, I can discern more regarding  what is important  and what isn’t. I can let things go. I can forgive…. and know forgiving isn’t giving permission to be treated poorly.

I don’t apologize for taking up space… I use to. I know I don’t have to explain who I am, why I feel how I do. If we live well, we don’t have to explain our choices to anyone!

Verbally wiser… Knowing when to speak… and when to be quiet. Knowing I also have a right to my opinions… though the may change minute to minute on topics that are irrelevant. I don’t have to share all my experiences with everyone else. Not everyone deserves to hear your story. Not everyone wants to hear your story. And, sometimes it is wiser to let younger people figure things out on their own because they need to make their own decisions and opinions. And people younger or older than myself have worthy thoughts and opinions!

Intellectually wiser ~ I may be getting “over my boots” on that one! ;D

It took me 4 years to get my Associates degree in Early Childhood.

It took me 4 more years to finish a Bachelors in Social Psychology.

I have numerous certificates naming me a Certified Yoga Instructor.

I read often… I try and discern how others feel… but I always did that!

I have taken the pressure off myself to “Do More”.  You know the… we should travel MORE, work MORE, learn MORE , socialize MORE. Use the backyard MORE… These endeavors have value, but when they make us feel our lives are not good enough… then their wrong!  You are perfect … just how you are… You were not born with an education, fancy car, the best vacations…. and you were loved and perfect… You can make your life… but don’t define it by things… the things you do or don’t do!  Define your life by how you live… how much you love. We need to enjoy more of just BEING! 

Just Being!!!! With every breath… just be! Smile… close your eyes and BE!!! 

How Do I feel in my body~ I FEEL GREAT TOO!  I think how we feel is more valuable then how we look! Though, I hope i look good too! Oh, the Amiga Ego!!! 

I would say I am physically stronger then when I was 20… I eat healthier… and I am happier!

The Married Life~ I married  young by todays standards, I was 20… and raised a beautiful boy! Well… two boys… my husband and my son!!! ;D haha! xoxo

I have been married 29 years!!! People ask, ” How did you stay married so long?” I say, “How did you not?”

What is LOVE~ I would say, the continually coming back together. Marriages have ups and downs, in-laws, by-laws, out-laws ;D … but I’d say, when you really love that person, you care about that person and you come back together.  You have a deeper love that cares more about a persons wellbeing than their looks, than their money, job, or status. When the love is deep… the River keeps running! 

You don’t have to have come from a loving family to be loving… you can decide you will be loving. Neither of my parents EVER told me they loved me.  My bio-dad left when I was one, and my mother had a host of emotionally issues…. but I became loving… 

I  am a good friend to have … its true. I show up… I create… I hug and listen. I pray. I give. I find out who you are … and I give you more of that! I take you back to your true self… I love you so! I’d never let you go! 

I have learned the difference between being  nice and being  kind… Nice can be learned, faked. Kind gets up out of their own pain… and comes to you… kind waits… kind loves.

Sometimes not until relationships are tested… do we know the difference between nice and kind.  When we need people that is when we learn the difference.

I learned a lot about contentment… self healing… and when I give too much… and when not to give.  I’ve learned that sometimes self-care may look selfish to others, but when you spent a life saying yes to often, no is more healing and loving in certain situations!

I think I have some good stories to share… I think I am pretty interesting to talk too! #selflove

So… I’m making 50 my JAM! 

 I think at 50… I will only keep becoming more of who I am truly was meant to be…. all along. 

I believe we are born our true selves … then   … life comes and  take us far away from our true nature … life, people, families, society, expectations, house fires (I had one, yeah!) ..What many of us call LIFE…  takes us away from who we are born to be… and we spend too much of our lives trying to get back to that place. That we are worthy, we are the love in the world!  We deserve to be heard!!! We are meant to be here! Lets love each other more… 

 50 is a LUCKY #… Bring it! We are all WORTHY!!! 

I love you … I’ll never let you go! xoxoxo 

Put a hand on your heart and one on your belly… just below your belly button… send LOVE and happiness to yourself. I love you… don’t forget that!!! 

p.s.~ some people will never make it to 50… so bask in  your age.. your time, and the energy you’ve been bestowed with… 

Age is just energy waiting to burst… stay juicy!  


What do you think?


  1. Happy number 50! You know, the 50’s are the best! I will be 56 in a few weeks, and feel the same way as you do. Age is but a number right? I am grateful to be in the 50’s and in the best shape of my life as well. I have just started doing Yoga at home, thanks to you, I started when you posted the first yoga quiz. I have been having problems with balance as I am diabetic. The docs said there is nothing I could do for my balance, but they were soooo wrong. In just this week my balance is better than it has ever been.

  2. Age is just a number. You are as young as you feel. I am more confident now that I’m 54 than when I was younger. I don’t give a hoot to what others think of me; I live as I please coz life is just too short!

  3. I am glad to be waffling along at age 47. I don’t feel old at all. i don’t do yoga and such, but I do take life as it comes along. easy come, easy go. I think that’s an apt saying.

  4. Many happy returns! I agree, 50 is quite a milestone. I shall reach one myself 4 days from now, when I officially become ancient and get my old age pension at 65!