Wander project continuing towards Annapolis!

The difference between a road and either water or air travel for the Captain of the vehicle is the directionality. We tend, to travel along, for the most part, the two or one lanes of the road with our cars. We don’t often cut off the road and drive in a new direction. Airplanes and Boats, however, don’t always follow the same rules of the road. They are loosely supposed to, but they do not always do so, the captain has to watch all around.

As we pulled out into the Bay and out of the creek we were in, we noticed there weren’t as many boats out and about as usual. In part because the sailboat season is winding down. Not the big sailboats that are 30 or 40 feet, but the smaller open-air sailboats. Some schools have 40 or more of small sailboats often during the summer out on the Bay teaching people how to sail. It is the nature of smaller open sailboats not to go out as the air temperature is colder.

One of the schools is at the end of the creek where our marina is. We decided to head up the Severn River. The Severn river is where we took a cruise a month ago, letting someone else’s boat take us up the river. This time we took our boat and wandered up the river.  The wind was at our backs as we turned past Annapolis and headed into the mouth of the river. The Severn is a beautiful place to wander near Annapolis MD!


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Written by DocAndersen

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