In Defence Of Love Triangles (Thailand Solutions Limited)

I’d never given love triangles the consideration they deserve till last night. Over a cup of hot Bovril my mate Roy and I sorted it all out and came to the conclusion that love triangles are what we impoverished farangs* need. I think the example Roy provides will prove the point.

Niels comes from Denmark and is a sixty-year-old alcoholic who visits his lady Noy (Roy’s lady Noy) once or twice a year. When he is not here Roy visits Noy. Roy is financially compromised being married, mortgaged, a gambler, a boozer, and a lover (of Noy). He is seriously in love and the madness can be seen in his kind, tired eyes when he talks about his Thai mistress. Last night he spoke about the advantages of Niels taking Noy to Denmark, even marrying her, how he will be financially better off and how Noy will bestow her blessings on him every now and again. He is no longer a jealous sort and so his love triangle will be tolerable and he will be better off.

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We finished our mutual bovrils, then hit the hard stuff, going for two steaming mugs of decaffeinated coffee. All in all, a great evening, and I am now a supporter of love triangles.

*the equivalent of gringo / Thai term for westerners or any old foreigner


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Written by Jonathan Finch