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Two Blogs Coming Out Of Khao Yai National Park (November 2018)

IDENTIFYING AN EAGLE <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a> The crested eagle was sitting high up in a tree that bordered one of the roads through Khao Yai...

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Paranoia On The Horizon

1. Am I wrong in thinking that children are often outraged by what parents and grown-ups do? Am I wrong in thinking that adults put...

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Family Rift Over Funeral Speech (Part Two)

Mum wouldn’t remember anything. Her mind was not like ours (my family's) – intellectual, storing, strong, sequential, time-ridden, whatever a mind is… “There is a...

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Family Rift Over Funeral Speech (Part One)

The speech typed below is the original of the one I made at my mother’s funeral. It was considered highly inappropriate by the Anglo-Saxon...

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Written Early One Morning In Southern France

(for here is poetry’s coast) Down the hills the moon sinks into purple grapefields wined in the brown roomy earth of southern France hock country rich under...

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