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The Day Called Writer’s Block

When my itching fingers are waiting for the smallest signal from the brain to press the right keys on the keyboard in specific order to form the specific words, but the keyboard seems blank.

Blank Keyboard

When my head is so full that feels empty just because I can’t squeeze a meaningful sentence out of that jumbled place with dense thoughts flying around back and forth, up and down, in lightning speed, so I can’t catch them, and at the end, I burnout.

Burnout Face

When it looks like I’m fishing in the overpopulated fishpond where each of a million fishes represents an idea, but although my fishing rod stays still, and my hook is empty.

This is that day! They also call it writer’s block.

Woman with Empty Book - Writer's Block

It seems my writer’s block day lasted the whole week. ;)What can I say?!I just couldn’t find that door to get out.

Desert Door to Oasis

But now, here I am again – full of crazy ideas! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

Crazy and Funny Horses

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  1. I found your blog post through Free Blog Site Syndication Group on Facebook. It’s a good blog. You are welcome to follow me on Twitter at @DaveVerney. I will follow you back too.

    I find that Writers Block can be a terrible thing. You start writing and wonder if you are writing complete rubbish and whether you actually believe what you are typing. Then again, the facts we find are those that we consider to be set in stone. Is that how it really is?

    A good way of combatting writers block is to search for subjects that you cover on your blog. Therefore, if you are in a YouTube mood, it is a good idea to search for “YouTube” on Pinterest, YouTube or on Google. I find that I can come up with something that is near enough to what I want to write about. Pinterest is particularly good for that because bloggers use it like a golden ticket to success – which it really is. I hope this has helped. Twitter is also good for finding great titles and great titles lead to great posts.

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