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Rabbi David Orbach, guitar with Bruce Brill, violin Rachael Orbach clarinet

We love to play concerts and this time we are performing a Jewish favorite “David, The King of Israel.”  This song is great for sing a longs, because even if you don’t know the words at first, they are easy to learn even if you don’t know Hebrew!   “David, Melech, Israel, Chai, Vikai yam. These are the words, so now you can sing along!  Now you know 5 words in Hebrew!  ” This song means that David, the King of Israel was one of the greatest kings of Israel.

I am performing on clarinet here. I have been playing the clarinet since I was 12! I also play the flute, saxophone, guitar, recorders, mandolin, harmonica and a bit of piano. In order to perform, I usually try to practice for  a half hour a day. Each day I practice a different instrument.

My husband David Orbach is playing guitar and his friend Elaihu Zabaly is playing the piano. David won the Gold Medal in Guitar from the King of Belgium in 1990.

We usually play at this venue every year. So this year we will play there again on November 18th. If you are in Jerusalem, you are invited to come for free! Just PM me for more info! My mother did the video for this one. Enjoy!


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