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Day 3: A Song in the Heart

I want to thank my Pixie friend once again for nominating me for the Quote Challenge. In case you missed her Grand Finale you can find it by following this link. For day 3 our Pixie friend has paid a Tribute to Adi Da. The quotes she chose will give you some new insights on the sensitive subject of Death and the After Life. Remember to also follow the rest of her articles as I promise it will make you feel better about Life in general.

We are now on the third and final day of the Quote Challenge and I must say, it was indeed a challenge but the fun I had with this can’t be explained. Speaking of unexplained explanations this brings me to my topic for the day. A Song in the Heart.

I am sure William Shakespeare is no stranger to any of us. He is famous for his poetry as well as his plays which was always filled with love and tragedy. A personal favorite of mine is Macbeth. ‘Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Fires burn and couldron bubble.’ I can still remember this phrase from my final year in High School many many moons ago.

‘When words fail, Music Speaks.’ I live for my music, I cannot go a day without music and yes, you’ve guessed it, I write with earphones on my head full blast. That is when the creativity just starts to flow. I am one of those people who will explain something in a song when I can’t find the words. Every single song on my playlist has a specific meaning to me. Not necessarily the message the artist intended, the words will either remind me of a certain period in my life, whether it was good or bad. Or it will remind me of a connection I had with someone, maybe even a life lesson I learned. Is that not the true meaning of art, touching everyone’s life in a different way?

I couldn’t find much on Cibin Koshy to give you the usual background information except that he used to study a Bcom degree at Cross Land College in Udipi, India. You can see more of his quotes here.

‘Music is a piece of Art that goes in the Ears Straight to the HEART.’ How true are these words? My favorite thing to do while relaxing is to lie on my back, with the lights off, eyes closed with the music so loud everything else just fades away. It will be just me and the music, listening with intense concentration to the symphony of the song in perfect harmony. Unaware of what is going on around me. Especially on a bad day or when I am upset. That is when I want my Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music, for some reason the storm of the music will calm the storm in my heart.

Lori Deschene is a modern day author. She is the founder of Tiny Buddha. From what I can tell she is a life coach who will teach you all about Love, Life, Happiness, Wisdom and much more. You can read more by following this link. 

‘Dear Music, Thank you for always Clearing my Head, Healing my Heart, and Lifting my Spirits.’ Music is in and all around us. Music is my reason for living and I already chose the song I want to be played at my funeral one day. Music is in nature, you can hear it if you close your eyes and listen carefully. I love the gentle song of the wind, reminding me of the Holy Spirit all around us, guiding us.  But most importantly when music is inside your heart, a song that just have to burst to the outside it will be seen in your day-to-day life. After all, we worship in the form of Music.

It is not required that someone is nominated on the third and final day of the Quote Challenge. The thing is, there are so many writers I admire that I felt I just had to choose three more.

My final nominees for the Quote Challenge is, can I have a drum roll please…

Firstly, our one and only Quiz Master, Norman Darlington. I would really like to know where he gets his enormous general knowledge from. Is it a gift? Or years and years of research?

Secondly, is Lucia Anna. She will give you advice on what to do and what not to do in the Health and Beauty department, delicious recipes and many many more. I am quite curious to see what Lucia will come up with for the quote challenge.

And Finally, Deb Mccarthy, Livinginstigma. Our Mental Health Advocate, educating others on Mental Health issues as well as how to cope. She writes children stories and I always enjoy her quizzes. I have deep admiration for this lady.

Well, there you are folks. I hope you have as much fun as I did with this challenge and I cannot wait to read yours.


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  1. I almost picked the same quotes you did. Music does sooth the soul in many ways. Loved it! I finally finished my last quote challenge. It is posted, and thank you for nominating me. It might be interesting to read how other Virily members interpret the same quote. hmmmm

    • Thank you for the huge compliment. It depends though. One of my favorite genre’s is that harmful music but it will not influence me to become a serial killer. I only started listening to it in High School. But was raised with classical and country music. A lot has to do with the influence the parents allow. I do understand that everything being available on the Internet makes it difficult to control though.

  2. It’s a cheerful ending and optimistic. Sssstt… listen..! Beautiful is not it? Yes, we live in the vibration, we are the vibration, the tone, and the song together with the universe. Listen to the soft flowing blood, the heart beat the big drum, and all contributed beautiful tones, as beautiful as this one, your incredible post, Della.


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