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I took this photo of myself on Saturday, when I visited the coast for the day.  I went to St Leonard’s-on-Sea on the South Coast of England to meet someone with regards to a possible house-share down there. I have been thinking of relocating for some time, and would enjoy living by the sea. I think it would be beneficial for my health, in more ways than one.

I have set up an account on a housing website, and posted an ad saying that I am looking for either a ready-made house share, or for someone to buddy up with me, and we find a place to rent together.  I put in the ad that the area I am interested in moving to is the South Coast. A lady contacted me and suggested we meet up, so I went down to St Leonard’s last Saturday and met her for lunch. However, I don’t think I have found the right person yet – although she seemed nice enough, I got the feeling we would not be that compatible to live together (and I think the same thing may well have occurred to her too).

It was a disappointing day, and all the more so as I had a bit of an accident in my car on the way back! It was a long drive, I was tired, it was getting dark, and I was driving down a narrow, windy country road and hit the bank on the right hand side of the road. The wheel was bust and I had to call the AA Breakdown Recovery Service to tow me home. The car is in the garage now being repaired, and it is going to cost me about £200 or more, money I can ill afford, as I am very hard up anyway.

So I came home feeling that the day had been a bit of a disaster really! But one thing I have got out of it, is that it has made me reconsider my moving plans. I know it is not going to be at all easy to find the right place or person to share with, so I am thinking it might be best for me to put my plans on hold for a while at least, and see what happens.

What do you think?

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    • Thank you Pamela. Yes, I agree. I realised within the first few minutes of meeting this person that we did not really have the right kind of rapport to live together, and I am sure she felt the same thing, as neither of us have contacted the other since our meeting. I think we both realised we are not likely to be compatible. So I will just carry on looking, and, as you say, when I meet the right person, I think things will fall into place.

    • Thank you Sharon Lopez. I want to move for various reasons. one being my health. I feel that my quality of life is quite low here. But I make the best of things, and keep doing what I can. I know that at some point I will be living in the right place for me.

    • Thank you ellie925. That gives me hope. It is getting me down where I am living right now, for various reasons, but I know I could do a lot worse for housing, so I am not going to jump out of the frying pan into the fire. Everything changes eventually, so I won’t be living in this apartment forever after all! I’ll move out at some point. At present, I think I need to wait for a while and see what comes up.

    • Thank you sabtraversa. No, I am not giving up on it as such – just putting it on hold for now. I am not in a position to move until I a) have enough money, and b) find the right person to share with, preferably both. I just thought I might not do anything about it for a few months, and then review it. Something may happen in that time – I may meet someone who offers me a room in a house. At present, I feel I am kind of overworking it, pushing too hard, which is why it is not happening. I have often found that when you relax about things a bit more and let go, that is when you get the breakthrough.

  1. Thank you DocAndersen. Yes, at least I had a day out anyway, going somewhere different and I hadn’t been to the beach in nearly a year. It has helped me make a decision anyway: I think I need to wait for a while before I move, wait till the time is right, not clutch at straws.

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