Why Adultery is so Devastating (Men)

Many men get married and expect to ‘wear the pants’;  that is, to be in charge.  That their wife is to live where they choose, work or not work as they choose, stay home with the children, if he decides.

Many men stride into the world, expecting their wives to be behind them. That if they want to stay late at the office or go drinking with the boys, or attend a club meeting, it is fine, because they are the MAN.

The wife, feeling neglected will often find herself becoming involved with some man who is there and makes her feel important.

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She may have gone out that Wednesday night because she was feeling lonely because her husband won’t be home until eleven, and having been alone all day, wants come company around her when she eats dinner.

Maybe she will meet someone accidentally.

Maybe she’s at the supermarket, alone and meets someone and they start to talk and go for coffee.

Maybe she spends more time with the gardener that she does with her husband.

And then…

And the husband who was riding so high is suddenly flung to earth because his wife has betrayed him.  She has taken all his accomplishments and torn them to pieces.  Especially when he doesn’t find out for a long time.

In many cases women have had affairs for years and their husbands never suspected. They have gone out had their affair, come home, and he never thought she left the house.

He feels stupid. He feels as if he has sleepwalked through his life.

And is devastated.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar