While Professor Pool was Chasing Co-eds – Part 7

Mrs. Pool, aware of her husband’s behaviour worked it to her advantage.

Every Christmas break she would take the children and visit her mother in New York. They would have the big reunion. Then the kids would want to stay with her sister who had kids their age. After the kids were settled, and she’d done the Mommy thing, taking them here and there, she’d go back to her mother, send a ticket, and up would fly the Gardener.

The Gardener would  stay with her at her mother’s house. As her mother despised Prof. Pool it was a pleasure all around.

Three days before Mrs. Pool and the kids were due back, Gardener would fly home. Mrs. P would go to stay with her sister, and spend time with her kids,  then, they’d fly down. Having given the kids a lot of ‘Mommy and us went…’ ‘Mommy took us to…’ ‘Mommy bought us…’ “would mask the time she and Gardner were doing the couple thing.

Pool never guessed that in New York, the Gardener was known as Mr. Pool.


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