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3 Tips to Wake up Early and Boost Your Productivity

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Did you know that waking up early can lead to improved motivation and productivity throughout the day? I’m sure you did. But, what is stopping you from doing it? For most of us, this habit seems to be too hard to implement. Not because we wouldn’t want to, but because distractions are waiting for us at every corner.

We are putting such a high price on our time but at the same time forget about those 2-3 hours of maximum productivity that we could win every morning if we could just go to bed earlier. We’ve always heard stories about successful people who are early risers. Are these just stories? Do they really manage to wake up so early?

In fact, yes they do. For most of us, this will seem like something unattainable. But worry not. In the next few minutes I will teach you exactly how to become a motivated early riser, so you can take your first steps toward success.

1. The “1 Minute Earlier” Strategy

Many people believe that if they would only set their alarm 2 hours earlier, the wake-up problem will be solved. You can’t expect this from your body. You are not a robot. Your body needs time to adjust to the new habit, and you need to help it by being consistent.

So instead of hitting the snooze button countless times until you wake up, you could just set your alarm 1 minute earlier every morning. In this way, your biological watch will adjust to the new conditions and in a few weeks you won’t even need an alarm anymore.

This is how you build a habit: slow and steady. By using this method, your productivity and motivation will keep improving every day.

2. Get The Right Mindset

Being able to wake up earlier will give you a more profound control over your life. A higher sense of control will eventually lead to improved and consistent motivation levels. Think about it. If you’d wake up only one hour earlier every day, you will be awake for 15 extra days per year. Incredible, isn’t it?

A great habit that you could implement in your morning routine is exercising for 20 minutes. Exercising daily will increase your energy and focus. As a consequence, your productivity will rise.

You will always be one step ahead of the crowd. When you wake up earlier everything tends to fall in its place, you are more calm and calculated, and everything you focus on is done much quicker.  Many works of art were performed during the morning hours, and this is because inspiration and creativity tend to be more intense during these hours.

3. Your Purpose Should Be Well-Defined

Knowing only that “waking up early in the morning is a productive habit” is not a strong enough reason  to be inspired and take action. Implementing this habit is definitely not an easy task to accomplish.

Therefore, you should take your time and think about a powerful purpose that will help you carry out this habit. You could use your morning time to work on your coursework writing, to enjoy an extra time with your family and friends, or to develop a particular skill. Sounds good? All of this can be accomplished with a strong purpose.

For this to work, you should start planning it in advance. You won’t be able to decide what to do at 6am, because it doesn’t work this way. Therefore, take the time to elaborate a good plan that will motivate you enough to keep up with it.


All this knowledge that you’ve just gained by reading this post won’t be of much help if you will not put it in practice. Always remember: your mindset is the one that will influence you to become a morning person or not. It’s like an editing service. It’s about how you are editing your own life in order to make it better. I hope this quote will put a smile on your face and motivate you to shift into the productive person you’ve always dreamed to become.“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”  – Richard Whately


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Written by Laura Buckler

Freelance writer, contributor