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Life under lockdown rules

After few lockdown days, I can no longer look at the screen. I want to see a real living person, to hear the real voice, not the voice coming from it. Today I spoke to my friend in Italy. He said that wants to hug a friend more than anything. Any, even not the best.

Only a few days, and I already regret having traveled too little in my life. Yes, maybe someone thinks I have traveled too much, but to me it seems  no matter how much it was, still it is too little. It took even more travel and even more reading.

Now I hardly focus on reading because my hand picks up the phone and my eyes are looking for another piece of news, even more crappy, even more scary. Any idea that something fun could be done ends with “oh, we can’t lockdown here.” It is scary that there will be no money, no happiness, nothing to enjoy.

No motivation to do anything. Today I was doing my exercise at home, with the idea, “what am I trying to do here if I still sit fully focused on my PC?”. Anyway, exercise helped.

A sad day full of uncertainty. Probably a lot of people feel the same way. What helps is the idea that they can make others feel better – call your mom more often, hug your lover, stroke your cat or dog, donate money while you still have them.We want to fight this bad mood with the help of the world, not just by ourselves.When all this will gone, there will be far less selfishness left on the planet.

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