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Life is complex and unpredictable

In society, a stereotype somehow gradually developed that a happy life is a life without worries, without grief, without problems. Such a scheme is quite far from reality, so from time to time you have to endure stress and overcome difficulties. We begin to panic and go in cycles, failures are repeated, because of this the motivation to get up and go again falls.

But somehow we need to live on, and we need to get strengths somewhere for life. People solve this problem in different ways. Some instantly throw the blame on anyone. Such “victims” feed on sympathy from strangers and draw energy from this crap.

Others choose the path of “positive.” They say: “Thoughts are positive – and everything will be super!” But most people, having read books on motivation and seen enough training, begin to suffer even more: “I think positively, but misfortunes still happen in life”, “Something is happening to me, my wishes are not fulfilled, no matter how much I sit and think good thoughts. “

Nothing will happen if we continue to sit trying to make our life happy with the help of other people or by the effort of our thoughts. Many people realize that life will never be carefree, joyful, and trouble-free. Life is complicated, it is full of nervous stress, and it is the pleasure to overcome all this. Only work is able to improve a person’s standard of living, in the end, it was what made a person different from a monkey.

The whole development of mankind is the result of constant efforts fighting “I can’t”, “it doesn’t work out”, “this is a dead-end”. Therefore, people build houses and roads; therefore, scientific and technological progress is moving forward. Therefore, our world exists. As soon as everything around will suit everyone, the development will stop.

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