About half of both men and women in the world worry about their personal relationships, according to the ‘What worries Australia – National Worry Survey’ from Macquarie University. Some people who are single worry about finding a partner, while for those who are in a relationship,  commonly worry about how secure the bond is between them or where the relationship is headed. And it’s not only romantic relationships that can put a strain on the mind. Even strained relationships with family, children, colleagues, and friends can also weigh heavily on your psyche.

Communication is key to solving relationship problems too. Sharing your worries with a trusted third party can take some of the load off, but trying to communicate more effectively with those you are in a strained relationship with is the most important way you can solve these worries. Relationship counseling can be a huge help in mediating a strained situation, and it’s not just reserved for romantic relationships – it can help in mediating issues with family and friends too.

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    • Apparently, Carol, more people are having difficulties coping with anxiety overload than at any time before. one factor that was not even present,50 years ago, was that people would work to approximately, 65years, then retire. Live roughly another 15 to 20 years, then at 78 to 80, died peacefully in their sleep. Well not anymore they are staying healthy well beyond 80 and that factor alone is depleting the life insurance reserves like never before. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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