My wife is not fond of PDA, (public Displays of Affection) and would rather show her affection for me in private. One of the things she does that makes me weak in the knees is when the alarm rings in the morning, the first thing she does after pressing the snooze button, she rolls over to face me, extend her arms signaling that I put my arms around her and hug her tightly. we do this for around 5-10 mins or until the alarm rings again.

She leaves the room to let the dogs out to pee. I usually did that before I became wheelchair-bound. We have this morning moment which gives us time to just be with each other before the distractions of the world sets in.

My wife is kinda like a tiny cuddly bit, compared to me, she is almost like a piece of sweet, lightly rose-scented Turkish Delight, smooth and soft to touch, leaving behind, just a hint of sweet scent, filled-headiness wafting through the morning air. Even after 46 years together, her hugs and cuddles are the best, making me feel like I’m in the confines of my own private piece of paradise. 

Another thing she does that makes me weak in the knees is when she comes home after accompanying our sister-in-law on a drive to the stores, once a week, and she carries a little bag with dried fruit slices for us to share for breakfast. Other than that, all the things she does for us and caring for me, makes me weak in the knees and make me fall in love with her more, and more each day.


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