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Mini Red Rose From Mom's Garden

I went to Villa Isabel to attend a consultative meeting initiated by the Department of Health. I thought was just in time because I was at the venue at 8:10 AM and the meeting, based on the invitation was 8:30 AM. However, when I asked an employee of the hotel, he told me that the meeting was rescheduled at 1:00 PM on the same date.

I decided to visit my Mom who was living in an adjacent village. I spent some time conversing with my Mom. While waiting for my Mom to cook lunch, I also take a walk outside in her garden. I found this mini red rose standing proudly against the ground. I know my mobile phone can’t take a good photo of it but I tried anyway.

With my busy schedule at work, I can’t visit my Mom that often. So when schedules allow, I would certainly pay her a visit. How often do you visit your Mom?


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    • Yes, that’s true. I’m not as successful as I want and still struggling. The only thing I can give my Mom is my time which is also very limited. She is not complaining. if I give a small amount she is happy with that. But I want to save so we can travel to other countries because I know she was never given a chance to go out of the country. But with my current salary, I know I can’t afford it. So I am struggling to learn everything about making money online.

    • That’s sad to know. I know I am not too successful as of yet to give my Mom the luxury or material things. That’s why I am trying my best to give her time while working hard in order to achieve those goals I have in life. I am praying that she may be given more years to experience those things.

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