Canada’s $500M Bayer lawsuit due to Monsanto's Roundup


The class-action lawsuits against Bayer have now gone north of the US border as a law firm in Canada has filed a new case because of the damage done by the weedkiller called Roundup that is manufactured by Monsanto.  The cases being litigated all over the world against Bayer and Monsanto have reached the high mark of 43,000.  The lawsuits have doubled over the past three months.

However, this case is the first class-action suit against Bayer and Monsanto in Canada.  In a few weeks, the Canadian courts will learn what the rest of the judicial systems have witnessed.  The cases will be delayed as long as possible by Bayer and Monsanto.

You can run, but you cannot hide.  No matter where you live, if you choose to use Roundup in your garden, then you put yourself at risk of contracting cancer just like the other 43,000 people have from using this product.


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