Bayer looking to weasel out of RoundUp settlements

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After Bayer has been working for the past month to settle the over 40,000 lawsuits filed against them due to people contracting cancer from using the weedkiller RoundUp manufactured by Monsanto, Bayer decided to go back on their word and take the risk of litigating each and every case.  From the picture above, even Lady Justice is giving Bayer the side eye.

The plan was to settle all of these lawsuits for $10 billion (USD).  However, Bayer has decided to take everything off of the table due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  With the coronavirus outbreak going on throughout the world, all of the lawsuits have been postponed.  Due to this delay, Bayer can no defray all of the losses they were going to take until next year.  Nevertheless, this sham accounting has even made Enron blush.


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